The Remover and College assignments

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The Remover and College assignments

Post  Marhis on Tue May 24, 2016 7:53 am

Hi! I restarted playing the sims 2 recently and I noticed the Remover module of Sim Manipulator allows you to delete all homeworks from the lot, but not the College assignments, which are, in my opinion, very annoying in dorms, where all dormies scatter them everywhere.

So I made a little modification to your mod: it's very simple, when you choose to delete homeworks, it will check for college assignments and will delete them too. It seems to work as intended, so I thought I'd gladly share. If you wish to include it officially in Sim Manipulator, you're very welcome to do so, no need to ask.

Thanks for your work, and happy simming!
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Re: The Remover and College assignments

Post  Aaroneous on Tue May 24, 2016 9:18 am

Hi Marhis, I thought I heard You were back to modding TS2. Welcome back to TS2.

That was one of many thing I have been meaning to add that to the Sim Manipulator, But had not made the change yet. Certainly will look over it and throw it at my testers. Not that I don't trust You, But I want to make sure it works as advertised. Thanks for sending me a copy of the modification, Hopefully when I release the update You don't mind if I mention You.

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