Two things I've noticed about Sim Manipulator

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Two things I've noticed about Sim Manipulator

Post  greeneyedhobgoblin on Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:06 pm

Not sure if this is the right section. Probably isn't.

First off, I really like this mod. Much better and more compact than the InSimenator.

I've noticed that while you can add days to a sim's age, you can't add more than that age has to start with. InSim could do that and I'm wondering if that's something that's been noticed. 'Feature or bug' type question. You also can't add to or subtract from the ages of babies.

I've also noticed that I get a jump error when I have the spawn menu activated. I can send an error log if wanted. I have an excessively modded game.

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Re: Two things I've noticed about Sim Manipulator

Post  Aaroneous on Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:45 pm

I usually try to make my mods as small as I can, It helps with loading times of the game.

Not allowing sims to go past their default days was set on purpose, Though I may look into changing it in future versions. Not allowing babies to change the their days was an over-site on my part, But it will be fixed in the next version of the Sim Manipulator.

With the spawn menu I assume you mean the option on the Sim Manipulator and the Spawner to spawn sims, or are you talking about the spawn menu on the destination menu to spawn the manipulators. If so check to see if you have any other mods altering the destination menu, You can only have one mod alter the destination menu at a time. If you can... upload the error log to the site, Uploading in this section is enabled.

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