Game Resets and Independent Teens

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Game Resets and Independent Teens Empty Game Resets and Independent Teens

Post  AndrewGloria on Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:34 pm

Thanks for creating this mod. Joandsarah77 on MTS recommended it to me. At the moment I have downloaded it but not installed it yet. Could you please clarify a couple of issues?

1) Does installing The Sim Manipulator force a Game Reset? This is not all that important, but I'd like to know so that I can arrange for it to be early morning on all my lots before I install it, so I won't have Sims with maximum energy last thing at night when I want them to go to sleep. The last "big" mod I installed (TwoJeffs VisitorController) forced a Game Reset, and The Sim Manipulator is by far the biggest mod I've ever downloaded!

2) I am fascinated by the Independent Teen age. I don't have University and wondered if I might use Independent Teen as an intermediate stage between Teen and Adult instead of Young Adult. In particular I wondered if Independent Teens could have romantic relations with both teens and adults. It would be very useful if they could, as it would let those lucky Sims who have already found their ideal life partner as teens to stay together. Or do I need Inteen as well to do that?

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Game Resets and Independent Teens Empty Re: Game Resets and Independent Teens

Post  Aaroneous on Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:15 pm

The Sim Manipulator shouldn't cause any game resets, In all this time neither the beta testers or me have ever bumped in to this issue. Before it was even released the Sim Manipulator went through two years of development, So I would say it's pretty slim a reset would happen.

A independent teen is basically set as adult internally, But takes on the appearance of a teen. Because of this Independent teens can interacted with adults and elders romantically, But not other teens(You most likely would need anther mod for that). So basically to the game they are full fledged adults(can get married, pregnant, full time job, no school).

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