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Post  Aaroneous on Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:55 am

These two outfits came with the basegame, But EA/Maxis never enabled them in the game.

These two outfits are for Adult and Young Adult males.

AM LongCoat LongCoat4_zps6821c8e6
AM LongCoat LongCoat5_zps53e770b1
AM LongCoat LongCoat6_zpsc5c037c1
AM LongCoat LongCoat1_zpsf36bd66b
AM LongCoat LongCoat2_zpsdbff06df
AM LongCoat LongCoat3_zpsa23dfe6d

Also while there is no image of it there is a third outfit. It's a recolor I made that removed the tattoo on the green long coat.

You can download them here

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