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Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS

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Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS Empty Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS

Post  Aaroneous Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:42 am

Adds all the sliders that were originally only for Bodyshop to CAS. Which include Eye Squint, Eyelash Size, Cheekbone Fwd-Back, Cheekbone Up-Down, Upper Face Width, Brow In-Out, Bridge Curve, Bridge In-Out, Bridge Width, Nose In-Out, Upper Lip Thickness, Lower Lip Thickness, Mouth Corner Fwd-Back, Mouth In-Out, and Jaw Taper.

Doesn't require any Expansion or Stuff Packs, It will work with just the base game.

Update: There were Two Sliders I missed Which are now part of the mod. The two new sliders are Nose Turned Up-Down and Cheekbone Size.

You can download it here


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Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS Empty WOW

Post  AmizAussieGirl1989 Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:40 am

this is a 'freaking awesome mod btw'  cheers  bounce  affraid

good but still needs one more thing to make it EXCELLENT and that'd be this ... scratch can you please also include Body-Shop's 'face template morphs' as-well_??? that'd be good BETTER even haa  bounce GREAT MOD as is though love it downloaded it too btw haa Laughing

*Body-Shop uses this option to morph one template with another I'll need it to 'smooth out' my edits as atm as is they ahh look blocky/rigid/un-natural/unappealing Suspect scratch and you can SEE I've EDITED them  Neutral you can tell its NOT a template D:

I also pm/msgd you too btw Razz

and thanks hopefully you'll understand what I mean by 'face template morphing'
google doesn't though HAA Suspect
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Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS Empty Brilliant

Post  MelanieM Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:07 pm

After all it was good, that I found out the empty neighborhood replacements I used were borked, so that I have to start all over with different ones.
It gave me the idea to look, if new mods were made. (I know, not exactly new, but new to me and much needed.  Very Happy )

It always bothered me to be so limited in CAS and having to switch to bodyshop for more detail.
Thank you so much!

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Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS Empty Re: Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS

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